About MyCredits

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses around the world reward their online customers for engaging with their business. In today’s social media driven world, customers are promoting businesses by sharing their purchases and love for their products online. For a business, this is free advertising… and for the customer, they don’t even realize that they just generated sales for their favorite brand.

Why not reward loyal customers when they share a post, watch a video or purchase one of your products? MyCredits mission is to put money back into your customers pocket for interacting with your business and helping you spread the message.

MyCredits is a win – win situation for businesses and the customers.

Did you know that 8% of your customer base is responsible for 40% of your profits? Yes… this means that loyal customers spend more with your company than any other customer. The more you incentivize this group to interact with your business, the sales you will generate.

Cutting-Edge Reporting

As a business owner, you not only want to give back to your most loyal customers, but you also want to be able to see who your most loyal fans are. MyCredits created a beautiful interface that allows you to see what content your customer is purchasing, what videos they are watching, and what they may be interested in purchasing next!

Getting Paid to Watch Videos

Videos are the future. Every year, there is an increase in how much video content is being watched and with customers purchasing directly from videos, why not incentivize them to watch more and get rewarded?

Businesses & Coaches

MyCredits is the FIRST loyalty program ever created specifically for coaches and influencers. Incentivize your customers to learn and get paid for their time. We are continuing to innovate and raise the bar when it comes to connecting business owners with their best customers.

We encourage you to come and try MyCredits for your business. Your customers will love you for the added rewards that you can provide through MyCredits.